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Honeywell F111 Series Semi-Flush Ceiling-Mounted Commercial Media Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers

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Honeywell Fixed Air Cleaners
& Fixed HEPA Air Purifiers

Honeywell F100 Whole House Media Air Cleaners
Honeywell F100 Series Whole-House Media Air Cleaners

Honeywell F200 Whole House Media Air Cleaners
Honeywell F200 Series Whole-House Media Air Cleaners

Honeywell F111 Series Semi-Flush Ceiling-Mounted Commercial Media Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers
Honeywell F111 Series Ceiling Mounted Commercial Media Air Cleaners & HEPA Air Purifiers


Danforth Air Purification
AtmosAir Distributor
New York State

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AtmosAir Portable ’Air Purifier’ Air Cleaners:

AtmosAir T400 Air Purifier
AtmosAir T400 ’Air Purifier’
Cleans Rooms Up To 400sq.ft.

AtmosAir P2000 Air Purifier
AtmosAir P2000/P2002 ’Air Purifiers’ - Up To 1,500sq.ft.

AtmosAir Fixed ’Air Purifier’ Air Cleaners:

AtmosAir D100/FC100 Air Purifier
AtmosAir D100/FC100 ’Air Purifiers’ - Up To 3,000cfm

AtmosAir 500E/500F Air Purifier
AtmosAir 500E/500F ’Air Purifiers’ Clean
8,000cfm / 10,000cfm

Mobile Air Cleaners & Fixed Air Cleaners
Replacement Air Cleaner Filters & Cartridges

’Air Cleaners’ vs. ’Air Purifiers’, ’Portable’ Air Cleaners & ’Fixed’ Air Cleaners For Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Applications
Find The Optimum Air Cleaner & Replacement Filters For Your Application!

Danforth Air Filtration & Air Purification and Danforth Indoor Air Quality Division work together to maintain Your HVAC / Air Filters / Air Cleaners / Air Purifiers, and coordinate required periodic testing and preventive maintenance on all types of air filtration & air purification systems in New York State

Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers Introduction

Indoor air pollution is a major problem in many homes, schools, offices, medical facilities, commercial buildings and in industry. We spend over 90% of our time indoors, where common indoor contaminants such as dust, dander, smoke, microorganisms, gases, vapors and odors can concentrate. These irritants can cause headaches, allergies & asthma, and a myriad of other potentially serious health issues for a growing number of people who demonstrate susceptibility to them.

Your Ideal Solution - Installation Of An Air Cleaner Or Air Purifier
But Do You Need An Air Cleaner Or An Air Purifier? And Which Specific Type Of Air Cleaner Or Air Purifier Is The Best For Your Particular Application?

’Air Filters’ And The Terms ’Air Cleaner’ & ’Air Purifier’

Air filtration and air purification professionals currently recognize different classes of Air Filters based upon their filtration efficiency, as measured by Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV):

  • Low Efficiency Air Filters are rated MERV 1-4 (Less than 20% filtration efficiency)
  • Medium Efficiency Air Filters are rated MERV 5-12 (20% - 75% filtration efficiency)
  • High Efficiency Air Filters are rated MERV 13-16 (80% - 95% filtration efficiency)
  • HEPA Filters are rated MERV 17-20 (99.97%-99.9999% filtration efficiency on 0.3 micron size particles)

At Danforth Air Filtration & Air Purification, we find that there seems to be a (reasonable) expectation amongst consumers that an ’Air Purifier’ will ’Purify’ Air, and that ’Purification’ implies a higher level of cleanliness than can achieved by an ’Air Cleaner’. However, there is considerable inconsistency in the use of the terms ’Air Cleaner’ and ’Air Purifier’, by different manufacturers in the air filtration equipment industry. As a result, any performance difference between ’Air Cleaners’ and ’Air Purifiers’ is often a gray area.

Danforth Criteria For Differentiating Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers

In order to clarify this potentially confusing situation, Danforth’s Air Purification Experts have proposed and implemented the following easy-to-understand nomenclature:

  • ’Simple Air Filters’ - Feature MERV 7 or lower rated Air Filtration Efficiency
  • ’Air Cleaners’ (Better) - achieve MERV 8-16 Air Filtration Efficiency or Equivalent
  • ’Air Purifiers’ (Best) - achieve HEPA Filtration (MERV 17+) Efficiency or Equivalent
  • Background Article - Air Filter MERV Ratings

As a guideline, Air Cleaners that are rated MERV 9 to MERV 12 should be capable of removing small particles in the size range 1.0 - 3.0 microns, which includes; Legionella, humidifier dust, lead dust, milled flour, coal dust, auto emissions, nebulizer drops, welding fumes...

Air Cleaners that are rated MERV 13 to MERV 16 should be capable of removing very small particles in the size range 0.3 - 1.0 microns, which includes; all bacteria, most smoke particles, sneeze droplets, cooking oil, insecticide dust, copier toner, most face powder, most paint pigments...

Air Purifier HEPA Filters are capable of removing sub-micron particles less than 0.3 micron in diameter, and must be at least 99.997% efficient (allowing no more than 3 particles in 10,000 to penetrate the filtration media). These HEPA filters endow Air Purifiers with the highest performance capability.

Electronic Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers

it should be noted that there are both Portable Electronic Air Cleaners & Portable Air Purifiers, as well as Fixed Electronic Air Cleaners & Fixed Electronic Air Purifiers that do not use air filters to function.

These Electronic units must therefore be appraised as either Air Cleaners or Air Purifiers - based upon their performance relative to equivalent Media Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers. (Example: the AtmosAir Electronic Ionization ’Air Purifiers’ actually perform with equivalence to MERV 13 rated Media units, and are therefore classed as ’Air Cleaners’ by Danforth).

It is also important to realize that the Danforth Criteria are not an imposed standard followed by all manufacturers when naming their products. So occasionally you’ll come across examples such as a HEPA-equipped Honeywell ’Air Cleaner’ that actually qualifies as an ’Air Purifier’ based upon it’s true filtration performance.

Air Cleaner Types

1. Portable (Mobile) Air Cleaners
These are standalone mobile units that can easily be moved from one room to another to flexibly achieve your indoor air quality targets in closed areas.

2. Fixed Air Cleaners
These units may be permanently installed in room ceilings or walls to clean and recirculate the air within a closed area, or they may be installed in HVAC system ducts to clean air in rooms, large open office areas, or even entire buildings.

Replacement Air Cleaner Filters:

For Portable Air Cleaners it is important to change out the filters as specified by the manufacturer in order to maintain efficient performance. Make sure that you buy only quality replacement air cleaner filter media that meet or exceed the manufacturers’ OEM replacement filter specifications.

For Fixed Air Cleaners Replacement Filters & Pre-Filters must be installed correctly on the optimum schedule for your application. Most HVAC-Based Air Cleaner installations require regular ongoing testing and certification to ensure safe and reliable operation.

For More Advice On Application Of Air Cleaners & Air Purifers’ In Your Particular Application, Or For Testing / Service Of Your Air Purification Systems, Ask The Experts At Danforth - Call 1.866.581.4999

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