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HEPA Filter Worksheet:

HEPA Filter Worksheet



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Danforth Air Filtration & Air Purification
Air Filter & Air Purifier Resources Guide

by Richard Carrow (Danforth Air Filtration & Air Purification, Buffalo, NY)

Danforth Air Filtration & Air Purification and Danforth Indoor Air Quality Division work together to maintain Your HVAC / Air Filters / Air Cleaners / Air Purifiers, and coordinate required periodic testing and preventive maintenance on all types of air filtration & air purification systems in New York State


Glossary of Terms

The following Glossary of Air Filtration & Air Purification Terms is provided to help you understand the various Terms and Definitions used on this website.

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Online Custom Air Filter Configuration Tools:

Danforth provides several online custom air filter configuraqtion tools to help you build and buy your Custom Air Filters for several specific applications:

If the custom air filter type that you require is not listed here, or if you need help configuring your custom filter correctly, please Call 1.866.581.4999.


HEPA Filter Worksheet

The HEPA Filter Worksheet is designed to help you gather information to order the correct HEPA, 95%DOP or ASHRAE grade air filter for your application. A Printable Version of the HEPA Filter Worksheet is also available.



Danforth’s HVAC Experts answer our most commonly asked questions on these FAQ pages as a service to Building Managers, Homeowners, and other HVAC Professionals.

If you are a Building Manager or Homeowner and you have an HVAC-related question for our experts, please submit it using the FAQ Form. When you submit a question we strive to e-mail you an answer within about 2 business days, and we may publish the most frequently asked questions on this website.

If you are an HVAC Professional and you need help locating the right equipment or parts e-mail or for immediate help CALL 1.866.581.4999 during normal business hours.

Top 10 HVAC System FAQs From Building Managers & Homeowners
FAQ Section 1 - General HVAC Furnace Air Filter Questions
FAQ Section 2 - Cleaning HVAC Air Filters
FAQ Section 3 - Air Filter Efficiency & Air Filter MERV Ratings
FAQ Section 4 - Air Filters For Classroom Unit Ventilators
FAQ Section 5 - Air Filters For Air Handlers, Air Cleaners, & Air Purifiers
FAQ Section 6 - Choosing Your Optimum Humidifier Model
FAQ Section 7 - Maintaining & Adjusting Your Humidifier
FAQ Section 8 - Finding Humidifier Parts & Accessories
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