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Danforth HEPA Filter 95% DOP Worksheet

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HEPA Filter, 95% DOP - ASHRAE Cell
Identification - Order Replacement Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help you gather information to order the correct HEPA, 95% DOP or ASHRAE grade air filter for your application. Please answer all questions completely and accurately to avoid ordering NON-RETURNABLE PRODUCTS.

1. Current Manufacturer-
In the space at the right, write in the manufacturer’s name and model number from the filter you are replacing.

2. Actual Filter Size - HEPA Filter Dimensions HEPA Filter Dimensions
Measure the actual outside dimensions of the filter to the nearest 1/16th of an inch and use that to complete this form. Height of the filter is determined by the direction the pleats run as shown in the illustrations here. Note that on filters with headers, you should measure the outside dimensions of the header.

3. Filter Efficiency -
Precisionaire offers HEPA, DOP and ASHRAE grade filters in the 5 efficiencies shown here. ASHRAE efficiencies are nominal dust spot efficiencies by ASHRAE standard 52. 95% DOP and HEPA efficiencies shown here reflect SOP penetration results. Choose one from this list to complete this form.

- ASHRAE 65%
- ASHRAE 85%
- ASHRAE 95%

- DOP 95%
- DOP 99.97%

4. Construction -
Make one selection from each of the construction categories below (A through E), and use it to complete this form.

A. Design-

Single Header
Double Header
Box HEPA Filter
Single Header HEPA Filter
Double Header HEPA Filter

B. Frame Material-

Particle Board
Fire Retardant Particle Board
26 Gauge Galvaneal
16 Gauge Galvaneal

C. Capacity-

Standard Capacity
High Capacity

D. Faceguards-

Faceguards upstream (FU)
Faceguards Downstream (FD)
Faceguards Both Sides (FUD)

HEPA Filter Faceguard

E. Gaskets-

HEPA Filter Gaskets

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