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Replacement Air Filters For Residential, Commercial & Industrial HVAC Systems, Air Cleaners, & Air Purifiers

by Richard Carrow (Danforth Air Filtration & Air Purification, Buffalo, NY)

Air Filters are a critical component in any HVAC system, air cleaner, or air purifier. Danforth specializes in providing Quality Replacement Air Filters at Discount Prices: Disposable Air Filters, Panel Filters, Link Filters, Sleeve Filters, Cube Filters, Metal Washable Filters, (Activated Carbon) Odor Control Filters, Paint Booth Filters, Pleated Filters, Extended Surface Bag Filters, Box Filters V-Bank Filters, Automatic Filter Rolls, Filter Media in Roll & Panel Form, and HEPA & 95% DOP Filters...

Danforth Air Filtration & Air Purification and Danforth Indoor Air Quality Division work together to maintain Your HVAC / Air Filters / Air Cleaners / Air Purifiers, and coordinate required periodic testing and preventive maintenance on all types of air filtration & air purification systems in New York State

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Danforth Air Filtration & Air Purification provides a full range of high quality Standard-Sized Air Filters, from all the top air filter manufacturers, at discount prices in the Online Discount Air Filter Store. Use our Easy Filter Finder Tools to quickly find and buy exactly the right air filter for your application:

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Danforth can provide Your Custom Air Filters in ANY type and size, with best available discount pricing and delivery.

Now You can automatically build and buy several types of custom air filters online using the Danforth Easy Custom Filter Finder:
Custom Fiberglass Disposable Air Filter Finder
Custom Polyester Disposable Air Filter Finder
Custom Pleated Air Filter Finder
Custom Odor Control Air Filter Finder
Custom Equipment Protection Air Filter Finder

To order Your custom HEPA filters, and all other custom air filter types, Call 1.866.581.4999

Air Filters Glossary

If you want to find an air filter related definition use the Air Filtration and Air Purification Glossary:

0-9 A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L 
M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

Air Filter MERV Ratings

Air Filter MERV or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value is an expression of the filtering efficiency of an air filter that has been evaluated using the ASHRAE Standard 52.2 Test Procedure. An air filter’s performance is determined by comparing airborne particle counts upstream and downstream of the air filter (or other air cleaning device) under test.
Complete Article - Air Filter MERV Ratings

Changing Your Residential Furnace Air Filter

Change your residential air filter to maintain peak airflow efficiency, as indicated in this article. Preferably switch from ’Disposable’ Panel Air Filters to more efficient Pleated Air Filters for superior performance. For allergy problems, or to remove offensive odors and gases, a free-standing residential air purifier is recommended.
Complete Article - When To Change Your Residential HVAC Air Filter

Air Filter Flammability Classifications

Air filter flammability classifications adapted from UL Standard 900 for air filter flammability, dated October 4, 1999.
Complete Article - Air Filter Flammability Standards

HEPA Filter Worksheet

The HEPA Filter Worksheet is designed to help you gather information to order the correct HEPA, 95%DOP or ASHRAE grade air filter for your application. A Printable Version of the HEPA Filter Worksheet is also available.

Pleated Air Filters vs.’Disposable’ Panel Air Filters

’Disposable’ fiberglass media Panel Air Filters entered into popular use in the 1950s, but since then, the Pleated Air Filter has proven to be many times more efficient, effective, cost-effective, and longer lasting. A surprising percentage of building operators continue to use ’Disposable’ Panel Filters as their primary air filtration media. This is partly due to the air filter industry not effectively educating managers on the costs and benefits of upgrading to Pleated Air Filters.
Complete Article - Pleated Air Filters vs. Disposable Panel Air Filters

Pleated Air Filters vs. Ring Panel & Link Air Filters

Pleated Air Filters are considerably more efficient and cost effective in use than traditional fiberglass ’Disposable’ Panel Filters. However many Building Managers are confused about the optimum selection between Pleated Air Filters and Ring Panel Filters or Link Panel Filters in commercial and industrial HVAC systems. If you are frustrated by this issue, this article will help you make the right choice - depending upon Your particular priorities.
Complete Article - Ring Panel Air Filters vs. Pleated Air Filters In Commercial & Industrial HVAC Applications

Activated Carbon Air Filters

Activated Carbon Filters Are Used In Specialized HVAC Air Filtration And Air Purification Applications To Remove Offensive Odors And Gases. Free-Standing Room Air Purifiers Also Use Activated Carbon Media As A Major Component Of The ’HEGA’ Filter. Applications Include Healthcare, Industrial, Museums, etc.
Complete Article - Activated Carbon Filters For Air Purification Applications

Air Filration & Air Purification Expertise

Danforth is a certified NAFA member with over 20yrs experience in HVAC air filtration and HEPA Air Purification systems. We conduct HVAC System Audits, and can help you find the optimum Air Filtration or Air Purification System for Your facility.

Danforth can assist you with standard or custom air filters and standard or custom air filter housings to meet your exact needs.

Danforth can advise you on your air filtration system design, and make sound recommendations to optimize your system to maximize performance and minimize ongoing maintenance & cost.

$SAVE$ - Discount pricing on quality Pleated Air Filters and all other air filters at Visit the Secure Online Store for standard air filter sizes. For custom-sized pleated air filters, use the Custom Pleated Air Filter Configuration Tool to build and buy your own filter.

Danforth Air Filtration & Air Purification - Replacement Air Filters, HEGA Air Purifiers, & Associated Filters. NAFA Certified Specialist For Residential, Commercial, & Industrial HVAC And HEGA Air Purification

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Clean Air For Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings
Clean Air For Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Buildings

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Danforth also conducts HVAC system assessments and provides a detailed 3rd party report using our Aircuity™ HVAC monitoring and assessment equipment.
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